Southern Substation  has been engaged in Electrical Switchgear
Testing, rebuilding and retrofitting since 1985.
Founded by James J. Dowling
Southern Substation has been serving large industrial plants
such as paper mills, textile mills, glass plants, automotive,
manufacturers, chemical plants, power plants, Federal
Buildings, US Navy, US Air Force, mines, maritime interest,
hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many other
factories and institutions for the past 20 + years.

Our highly trained and fully qualified engineers and
technicians have a combined 85 years of testing, repair and
trouble shooting experience.  We can tackle almost any
testing job with multiple high current tests relay test
equipment and transformer filter presses.

Our crews are large enough to accommodate your limited
“down-time”  requirements.  We also carry spare parts for
nearly all brands of switchgear.  We can furnish you a rebuilt
breaker either in exchange for yours or as a loaner.

The technicians on the job also rebuild switchgear at our
shop and are able to repair most problems in your facility.  
We repair most problems as a part of the testing process.  

Our geographical area is nationwide.  We can deliver new or
reconditioned breakers/switchgear within the continental US

Another area of service is load studies & coordination
studies, we have monitoring equipment to analyze the quality
of your power and offer analysis with full reports and

Our shop has the capabilities of re-silver plating contacts,
complete rebuilding and retrofitting of 480 volt circuit
breakers,  rebuilding and/or repairing protective relays.  We
also repair oil and dry type transformers either on site at our

Please contact Andrew Dobson and your testing need
s or
repairs will be in best hands available.
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